Applicants must qualify for the IAC2 Certified professional designation to become a member of IAC2. All members are IAC2 Certified Consultants who have demonstrated proficiency in reducing indoor air pollution and improving overall indoor air quality.


The IAC2 Certified professional designation is open to all members of the IAQ industry who serve to promote healthy indoor environments. The qualifying fields of expertise include mold inspections, mold sampling and testing, radon air testing, radon water testing, radon mitigation system inspections, lead paint and water testing, asbestos testing and abatement, the HUD Healthy Homes Program, EMF testing, pesticide testing, and other environmental services.

Applicants specializing in mold and/or radon may additionally apply for the field-specific professional designations.

  • IAC2 Mold Certified:  Must possess expertise in inspecting for and/or mitigating mold problems, including mold inspections, mold sampling and testing, and mold remediation
  • IAC2 Radon Certified:  Must possess expertise in inspecting for and/or mitigating radon problems, including radon testing, radon mitigation inspections, and radon mitigation system installation
  • IAC2 Mold and Radon Certified: Must meet the requirements for both IAC2 Mold Certification and IAC2 Radon Certification

Each of these professional designations has a certification logo that qualifying individuals can use on their website and in marketing and other business materials.

mold logo
full radon 2

IAC2 is a private trade group, not a government agency. Contact your local regulators to ascertain what the requirements are in your area before performing any inspection or testing. Attaining the IAC2 professional designations does not ensure that you comply with the government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where you conduct business. The IAC2 professional designations signify your dedication to education and expertise in identifying and solving indoor air quality problems in homes.