IAC2 is the certifying body for indoor air consultants and a federally tax-exempt, 501(c)(6) non-profit membership trade association. The organization’s membership base is multi-disciplinary and consists of certified professionals specializing in mold, radon, asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, pesticides, biologicals, bacteria, indoor particulate matter, allergens, and other sources of indoor air pollution.

How Does IAC2 Membership Work?

Not just anyone can be a member of IAC2. You must qualify to become an IAC2 Certified consultant to join IAC2. All members are IAC2 Certified consultants.

What Does IAC2 Membership Include?

Your membership to IAC2 includes becoming IAC2 Certified. As long as you’re a member in good standing, you can assure potential clients of your qualifications by providing them with your unique ID number, and they can use it to verify your certification status anytime at IAC2.org.

Your membership also includes a business listing in the online IAC2 Certified Consultants Directory, the free use of certification logos, plus access to various business development, educational, and marketing resources.

Your membership includes:

  • certification designations, including IAC2 Certified, IAC2 Mold Certified, IAC2 Radon Certified, and the dual IAC2 Mold & Radon Certified designation;
  • a unique member ID number so that anyone can verify your certification status at IAC2.org;
  • instant download of your IAC2 Membership Certificate;
  • your member-controlled profile to instantly update your business listing’s information;
  • up to three business listing locations in the online IAC2 Certified Consultants Directory, which is used by consumers and real estate professionals;
  • certification logos for your website, marketing, and other business materials;
  • access to all IAC2-branded promotional items;
  • access to all IAC2 printed marketing materials for your radon and/or mold services;
  • access to custom-branded IAC2 promotional videos;
  • business documents and templates, including forms, waivers, and agreements; and
  • informational articles for consultants and consumers.

How Much Does Membership in IAC2 Cost?

The cost of membership is $99/year. InterNACHI® members only pay $1/year for IAC2 membership. If you’re an InterNACHI® member, please have your member ID and the coupon code ready to enter on the application. Your member ID is used to verify your eligibility. The IAC2 discount is revoked if your InterNACHI® membership lapses. You must log in to your InterNACHI® account to view the coupon code.