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The IAC2 Mold Certified trademarked logo is available for use to all IAC2 members who meet the mold-specific certification requirements. The IAC2 Mold Certified logo is a Registered U.S. trademark on the Principal Register protected by trademark and common law.

Registered: March 19, 2020

U.S. Cl.: B: CLASS B: Consulting services provided by home and building inspectors in the field of indoor air quality

Principal Register: The colors black, white and green are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a circular green and white background, upon which appears the term “IAC” in black followed by a subscript “2” in black, with the word “CERTIFIED” in black below “IAC”, with the foregoing terms between two black horizontal lines. Above the upper horizontal line is the word “MOLD” in white. Around all the foregoing is a black circular border, inside of which appears the wording “INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED INDOOR AIR CONSULTANTS” in white.


Members can download the logo from the IAC2 Logos page, which is accessible from the My Account Dashboard. You must be logged in to download the logo.