Order custom-branded home maintenance books to grow your business! Give a copy of the Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book to your clients and real estate professionals. It is an invaluable educational tool that proves to boost business for inspectors. Some of the topics in the book include:

  • the systems and components of a typical house;
  • how to save energy;
  • how to make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient;
  • maintenance checklist for each season; and
  • the average life expectancies of systems, components, and appliances in a typical home.

The book also promotes IAC2! It teaches your client about asbestos, lead, radon gas, mold, and other IAQ pollutants. It also discusses the importance of identifying and correcting problems related to the preceding IAQ pollutants.

The Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book is designed for home inspectors, especially those that also offer mold testing and inspections, radon testing and inspections, and other IAQ-related services. There is an English edition, Spanish edition, and Florida edition.

The entire book cover can be customized, including a different title, photo of you, your inspectors, your work vehicle, or whatever you like. There is no additional cost for the design work. Alternatively, you can order a case of the home maintenance book without customization.

Order Custom Home Maintenance Books

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