IAC2 certification requires the successful completion of qualifying indoor air quality (IAQ) educational programs or courses related to your field of expertise.

At a minimum, IAC2 recommends the successful completion of any one of the following courses:

In addition, you must also:

  • maintain continuous membership in IAC2. Certification is terminated and expires upon membership cancellation; and
  • substantially adhere to the IAC2 Standards of Practice or the standard required by law in your jurisdiction.

When applying for your IAC2 certification, you are required to provide proof of successful completion of qualifying educational programs or courses. The documentation should substantially demonstrate your field of expertise (i.e., mold, radon, etc.). Certificates of completion and state-issued licenses are preferred. Candidates can apply for any of the following professional designations: IAC2 Certification, IAC2 Mold Certification, IAC2 Radon Certification, and IAC2 Mold and Radon Certification.

Various educational courses and programs qualify for certification. If you have any questions about your qualifying education, please email fastreply@iac2.org. InterNACHI® is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and is a member of the NACC of Canada.